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UKEEP HR is a solution to record attendance, leave, claim reimbursement and salary calculation, BPJS and other benefits for employees in your company or organization. There are the following features:
a. Profile Employee
b. Database for Attendance
c. Database for Reimbursement
d. List Training Employee
e. Payslip (BPJS, PPH 21)

UKEEP Sales Property

UKEEP Property Sales is a solution to record unit property sales There are the following features:
a. Database Booking Unit Customer
b. Master Unit
c. Master Salesman
c. Database Unit Status with Master plan
d. Helpdesk Customer
e. Database Payment Customer


UKEEP CAT is a solution for online exams There are features as follows:
a. Registration of Participants and Examiners
b. Data Collection Question
c. Data Collection on Exam Schedules with Tokens
d. Test Result Report

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Web & Application Design

PT Artelindo has the ability to build and design web and mobile applications using the UX / UI method.

Fiber Optic Construction

PT Artelindo has the ability to develop fiber optic networks, both aerial or internal cables.

Project Management

PT Artelindo has management in managing projects either ITPM or PM Construction

Graphics Design

PT Artelindo has the ability in technical animation.


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